2-Track Single (digital only)

out: November 29, 2019

After opening for SIA on her ‘Some People Have Real Problems” UK-Tour in 2008, Scott invited the Australian singer- songwriter, meanwhile superstar, to record the  Christmas classic BABY IT`S COLD OUTSIDE, a duet he always loved. During the session in the studio Scott mentioned his new song SILENT NIGHTS.  SIA asked to hear the previous recording and before they knew it, she was back in the vocal cabin, singing heartbreaking back-up vocals. As the title implies, SILENT NIGHTS is a melancholic and heart-wrenching Christmas ballad, simple but beautiful and appropriate to the Christmas season played with mostly acoustic guitar, ukulele and bells.

1 Silent Nights
(Scott Matthew feat. SIA)

2 Baby It’s Cold Outside
(Scott Matthew and SIA)